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Agricultural Environmental Management


Agriculture Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AgPDES)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on December 20, 2012 that it approved Oklahoma’s request to issue agriculture-related Clean Water Act discharge permits. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry (ODAFF) is the agency responsible for implementing Oklahoma’s new AgPDES program.

The new AgPDES program will address proposed discharges from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), the application of biological or chemical pesticides, discharges from forestry activities, if and when applicable, and construction storm water runoff at agricultural operations. The Agricultural Environmental Management Services (AEMS) Division at ODAFF will implement and manage the AgPDES program.

You may contact AgPDES staff with questions regarding the program.     Contact Page

AgPDES Fees Schedule (AEMS131)

CAFO AgPDES Program General Permit OKG010000

CAFOs are agricultural operations where animals are kept and raised in confined situations. Manure and wastewater from CAFOs have the potential to contribute pollutants to the environment and impair surface and/or groundwater quality if not properly managed. The AgPDES program regulates the discharge or proposed discharge of pollutants from CAFOs to waters of the United States.

General Permit

CAFO operations seeking permit coverage must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) and Nutrient Management Plan (NMP). The requirements for developing and implementing an NMP can be found in the 2012 CAFO General Permit Part III.A.

Upon receipt of a CAFO operation’s NOI and NMP AgPDES staff will:
  • Review/Approve NOI and NMP
  • Draft proposed NMP permit terms
  • Make documents available for 30-day public comment period
  • Respond to comments, if any
  • Provide CAFO operation with written notification or authorization of permit coverage
Individual Permit

CAFO operations seeking individual permit must submit AEMS General Information Form 97 and an NOI and NMP.

Upon Receipt of a CAFO operation's application AgPDES staff will:

  • Review/Approve the application and NOI
  • Draft Factsheet and proposed permit
  • Make documents available for 30-day public comment period
  • Respond to comments, if any
  • Provide CAFO operation with written notification or authorization of permit coverage
Pesticide AgPDES Program General Permit OKG87A000

The Pesticide General Permit covers Operators that apply pesticides that result in discharges from the following use patterns: (1) mosquito and other flying insect pest control; (2) weed and algae control; (3) animal pest control; and (4) forest canopy pest control. The permit requires permittees to minimize pesticide discharges through the use of pest management measures and monitor for and report any adverse incidents.

AgPDES Construction Storm Water Program



The Construction General Permit (CGP) address storm water discharges associated with construction activities on agriculture sites. The CGP requires construction operators to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to be covered under the CGP. The NOI includes basic information about the operator and the project site. Prior to submission of the NOI, operators must develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). The SWPPP includes a description of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will be used to reduce pollutants in the storm water discharges. The CGP also requires operators to conduct regular site inspections and submit a Notice of Termination when construction is complete.

Submit all program forms to the mailing address below:
Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry
AEMS Division

P.O. Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152