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Agricultural Environmental Management

Poultry Litter Transfer

A byproduct of poultry growing is poultry litter. Some areas have too much poultry litter due to poultry feeding operations. The high phosphorous content of this natural fertilizer can threaten watershed areas if too concentrated. Outside of watershed areas, however, there are soils which can greatly benefit from the application of this material which helps build soil with nutrients and organic matter.

In some areas poultry litter is being used to reclaim soils damaged by strip mining or petroleum production. Ranchers find that the application of litter to rangeland and pastures can boost forage production at a minimal cost.

Agricultural Environmental Management Services staff is working to get potential buyers and sellers of poultry litter together with a toll free hotline based in the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture’s Tulsa office. Environmental concerns over this natural fertilizer are addressed from beginning to end as potential buyers must have a soil test conducted before they can be directed to potential sellers.

Likewise poultry producers are asked what type of litter they will offer (broiler or breeder), the number of growing houses, clean out dates, and an estimate of the total volume of litter to be offered. They must have a nutrient analysis of their litter.