Investigative Services Unit

Investigative Services Tips

Tips to Prevent Agriculture Crimes
  1. Keep pastures secure, lock your gates.
  2. Control access to keys or combinations to your locks on gates.
  3. Keep saddle compartments on trailers and tack rooms locked.
  4. Brand, ear tag or microchip cattle and horses. Make sure your brand is recorded with the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association. Keep permanent records of all forms of ID.
  5. Photographs of animals showing distinctive markings are beneficial during recovery.
  6. Mark all saddles, tack, and equipment with registered brand or driver’s license number or social security number.
  7. Video horses and tack, maintain a complete and accurate description on file. Establish and organized, easy to find proof of ownership file to aid in recovering property.
  8. Count cattle on a regular basis, the more delay in learning cattle are missing decreases the chance of recovery.
  9. Don’t build pens close to a roadway.
  10. Don’t feed in your pens.
  11. Don’t establish a routine when feeding. Vary the times you feed.
  12. Watch out for your neighbors, take down tag numbers of suspicious vehicles, report suspicious activities to law enforcement or neighbors.
  13. Establish rural neighborhood watch programs.
  14. Park trailers and equipment where they are out of view from the roadway.
  15. Don’t leave keys in tractors or other equipment.
  16. Report anyone starting fires.