Market Development


Grants / Loans
Jason Harvey, Market Coordinator
2800 North Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4298

AEDP Application Deadlines
  • First business day in January
  • First business day in April
  • First business day in July
  • First business day in October

Agriculture Enhancement and Diversification Program

The Oklahoma Agriculture Enhancement and Diversification Program provides funds in the form of 0% interest loans or grants for the purpose of expanding the state's value added processing sector and to encourage farm diversification. Funds, provided on a cost-share basis, must be used for marketing and utilization, cooperative marketing, farm diversification and basic and applied research. All funding proposals must clearly demonstrate the ability to directly benefit Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. Proposals are evaluated by a ten member Advisory Board with their recommendations for funding submitted to the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture

Application Procedure

Applications are evaluated quarterly by an Advisory Board. Proposals may be submitted anytime to the ODAFF, but 15 copies must be received prior to the quarter’s deadline in order to be eligible for review that quarter. Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals at least 6 months prior to their anticipated start time. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and shall reside and be a legal resident of Oklahoma.

Program Guidelines

Funds must be used to produce alternative ag products or process and/or market Oklahoma ag products. Activities must create rural economic development, and indicate the probability of success. Preference is given to applicants whose:

  • industrial and non-food production processes use ag products
  • food, feed and fiber products and uses are innovative and add value to ag products
  • applications demonstrate a high probability of job creation and return-on-investment
  • proposals feature research that is innovative as well as commercially plausible
  • proposals demonstrate a high probability of rapid commercialization
  • projects demonstrate a commitment for funding from other private or public sources or from the applicant
  • proposals center efforts on rural locales
  • principals are individuals, a group of individuals, an individual on behalf of a group or corporations that meet the criteria set forth: to market a product or formulate or implement a marketing plan for products not marketed through existing cooperatives
  • proposals must have potential to create additional income for the farm unit
  • proposals must provide new, innovative plans for marketing the product

Farm Diversification Grant

Projects should deal with the diversification of a family farm, ranch or agritourism venue to non-traditional crops or livestock, on-farm processing of agricultural commodities or development of an agritourism venue that will promote access to a new market. Projects cannot be an extension or expansion of existing operations and must show potential to create additional income for the farm unit.

  • Proposals must demonstrate a well-prepared action plan, and markets must have been researched and possible income must be projected.
  • New and innovative plans for marketing products must be evident.
  • A sound business plan must show potential profits from diversifying.
  • Applicants must receive an endorsement from individuals who are professionals/specialists in the field the applicant is applying. Advisors must be willing to assist the applicant in fulfilling the project and have reviewed the application and be willing to answer questions if contacted.
  • Grants are available in three levels not to exceed $10,000.
  • Grants $2,500 or less requires no matching funds.
  • Grants $2,501 - $5,000 requires some level of cash or in-kind match in funds.
  • Grants $5,001 - $10,000 requires a dollar for dollar cash match.

Marketing & Utilization Loan

This loan may be used to assist in the development or implementation of a sound domestic or foreign marketing plan for Oklahoma agricultural products, by-products or agritourism venues. New or better uses for existing agricultural products by the financing of feasibility studies, business plans or test marketing also qualify.

  • Loan must be used for product development and/or implementation of a sound marketing plan.
  • Applicants are encouraged to use the funds to seek new products, new markets and marketing ideas.
  • Proposals should encourage the creation of jobs and industry within the Oklahoma agricultural economy.
  • Applicants are encouraged to research potential markets for their products, estimate the financial possibilities of markets and present an action plan.
  • A realistic timeline for success must be presented.
  • Loans may not be used to purchase land, buildings or equipment. They may be used for feasibility studies, business plans, legal expenses, consultant fees, product development and marketing

Cooperative Marketing Loan

This loan is available to entities or individuals wishing to work together to develop or establish production, process or market agricultural products, or establish agritourism ventures. The purpose of this loan is to promote productivity, provide added value to agricultural products, stimulate agricultural diversification and encourage processing innovations.

  • Principles should be individuals rather than a previously existing corporation. Those individuals must have some type of cooperative agreement between themselves that will ensure proper accountability for the proposed plan.
  • The agreement may be formal or informal, but proof of an agreement must exist.
  • Individuals are encouraged to seek marketing partners within Oklahoma.
  • Applicants should provide an outlet for products that normally have not been marketed through an existing marketing cooperative.
  • A sound marketing plan for the product should be included.
  • Applicants are encouraged to work with a professional (legal, agricultural or economic development specialist) who will serve as an advisor. Consulting fees may be included in the application budget.

Basic & Applied Research Loan/Grant

This loan is available to individuals or entities wanting to conduct research for the purpose of business creation or expansion focusing on agricultural products or by-products.

  • Applicants should focus research on use and processing of agricultural products and by-products.
  • Applicants should develop the expanded use of technology for processing of agricultural products and by-products in Oklahoma.
  • Application must not be aimed at business expansion or creation without regard to agricultural products use, must not include research that cannot reasonably be expected to result in a marketable product or cannot already have been duplicated by other research.
  • Applications should exhibit thoughtful planning, expansion of jobs in rural areas and a reasonable opportunity for commercialization.