Market Development


International Programs

Jamie Cummings
 International Trade Coordinator
 2800 North Lincoln Blvd.
 Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4298
 Office:(405) 522-2106 or Mobile:(405) 593-2119

The division's International Marketing section deals primarily with foreign buyers. Our International Market Development Coordinator specializes in assisting both buyers and sellers with information and technical advice when conducting foreign trade. Market Development Coordinators assist state companies with overcoming trade barriers such as cultural and language differences, governmental trade restrictions and financial limitations. Staff members also work closely with members of the Foreign Agricultural Service and Food Export-Midwest. Food Export helps small companies in the Midwest United States promote value-added U.S. food and agricultural products to foreign markets. Through the Market Access Program, the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service partners with Food Export and small businesses to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities that help build commercial export markets for U.S. agricultural products.