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Livestock Online Permitting System(OPS)


  • OPS is a web-based system that allows accredited veterinarians practicing in the US to obtain livestock entry permits for moving livestock into Oklahoma.
  • US Veterinarians will be required to register before they are able to access the site and create new livestock entry permits. Registration can be achieved on the OPS Website.
  • Livestock originating from outside of the US have additional requirements in order to obtain an entry permit. Foreign veterinarians will need to call the State Veterinarian’s Office for more information (405-522-6141).
  • For additional help or information, please contact our office during normal business hours, (405-522-6141).

Helpful Tips:

  • When importing into Oklahoma, remeber to change the State for Consignor/Permit Source to your State.
  • When searching, use * as a wild character(s), for ambiguous information or to allow for a broader search. For example: 2800 N. Lincoln Blvd, can be searched as; 280*lin*b*
  • If a searched address isn't listing, try both Search Premises and Search Origin or Destination before filing out all the fields. (New addresses will be added to the database) Make sure you are searching for an address within the correct state.
  • If the origin/consignor and the destination/consignee information is the same, select Same As option to autofill the physical address from the previous column into the next column.
  • Remember to review the permit before sending, to catch any errors or typos. If you have submitted the permit and notice an error afterwards, you can call our office during our normal business hours.

Entry Permits required for the following groups of animals: (Please consult Animal Import Requirements Link for specific testing requirements for each group)

  • Swine
  • All Cattle originating from the following counties in MI (Alconea, Alpena, Montmorency, and Oscoda)
  • Rodeo Bulls and Roping/Timed Event Cattle from all states
  • Cervids: Please call 405-522-6124 to obtain entry requirements for Cervids
  • Animal Import Requirements
  • OPS Login and Registration Website