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The primary responsibility of the Oklahoma swine program is to participate in a nationwide effort to eradicate two major diseases. These diseases, pseudorabies and swine brucellosis, have presently been eliminated from the Oklahoma domestic swine population. Through testing requirements for swine entering Oklahoma from other states, and exhibitions where large numbers of animals are congregated, we hope to avoid any introduction of these diseases from other states. A program has been developed to test feral (wild) swine to determine the incidence of pseudorabies and swine brucellosis in these animals as a reservoir of potential risk to domestic swine. We also monitor all large swine production units as a surveillance method to provide early detection of either of these diseases.

Oklahoma is classified a Stage V state in the national pseudorabies eradication program and a Free State in the national swine brucellosis eradication program. Stage V and Free means there is no known infection, but we continue to monitor. Being Stage V and Free reduces the restriction and testing requirements for interstate shipment.

Oklahoma has experienced tremendous growth of the swine industry. Working with neighboring states and industry representatives we have initiated measures to streamline the requirements for interstate movement. This has reduced paperwork and other expenses for the benefit of industry and our Agency.