Agricultural Liming
The Oklahoma Agricultural Liming Materials Act is a consumer protection and labeling law. "Ag Lime" (for short) is a product whose calcium and magnesium compounds are capable of neutralizing soil acidity. Each product must be registered with the state before being offered for sale or distributed in Oklahoma. The law requires that the following be on the package, or affixed to the package, or printed, stamped or otherwise marked label, or in the case of bulk sales, delivery slip or invoice:
  1. The name and principal office address of the manufacturer or distributor;
  2. The brand or trade name, if any, of the material;
  3. The identification of the product as to the type of the agricultural liming material;
  4. The net weight of the agricultural liming material; and
  5. The minimum percentage of "Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent" (ECCE) guaranteed.

The law also states that no agricultural liming material shall be sold or offered for sale in this state which contains toxic materials in quantities injurious to plants or animals.

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the spreading of liming materials on properties belonging to others unless such person has a current vendor's license. The license application is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year and expires December 31 of each year.

The law gives the Department the authority to sample and test material to determine if it is correctly labeled. It also requires firms or individuals who sell or distribute lime in Oklahoma to pay semi-annual inspection fees.