Consumer Protection Services

Inspecting goods and services.
Consumer Protection Services strives to provide consumers and the Oklahoma agricultural and urban communities with the highest level of service possible including ensuring and enforcing quality standards for agricultural products, regulating pesticide use, providing information and technical assistance to consumers.  We provide consumers and their communities with services that ensure and enforce quality standards for agricultural products. The laws regulated by this division impact the goods and services associated with Oklahoma's apiary, ag-lime, ornamental plant, vegetable plant, feed, seed, fertilizer and pesticide industries.

Checking Manufacturer's Guarantees
The feed, fertilizer, and seed programs protect consumers and agricultural producers by collecting and analyzing samples to ensure that manufacturers meet their guarantee of purity, content and safety. Inspectors investigate complaints concerning these products to protect consumers, agricultural producers and livestock.

Resolving Termite Complaints
The pesticide program ensures that pesticides do not pose unreasonable risks to individuals and the environment. This involves licensing pesticide applicators and investigating complaints that allege substandard or fraudulent work. Homeowners benefit from rigorous investigation of termite treatment complaints.

Producing Healthy Plants
Greenhouse and nursery.
Inspections of greenhouses and nurseries safeguard the quality of plants purchased by customers. Plants are checked to make certain they are free of injurious insects and diseases.

Testing Scale Accuracy
Weights and measures program inspectors test commercial weighing and measuring devices ranging in size from large truck scales to delicatessen meat scales to verify their accuracy. In addition, they weigh packages to confirm they contain the stated net contents and check scanners in stores to determine if prices accurately reflect advertised prices on the shelves.