Nurseries/Horticulture/Pest Survey

The Oklahoma Horticulture Law & Rules provides for ongoing routine inspection of plants, shrubs, and trees, with the goal of minimizing the spread of insect pests, plant diseases, and invasive species. Simply put, we check plants at nurseries, greenhouses, and garden centers to see that the plants are not infested. The law requires the licensing of anyone engaged in the business of growing plants for sale (Grower License), selling plants (Dealer License), or contracting to install plants (Landscaper License). A license is not needed to sell cut or dried flowers and herbs, cut Christmas trees, or fruits and vegetables. Agriculture Licenses for Medical Marijuana

This work group also processes state and federal phytosanitary certificates, which certifies plants and plants products as being free of infestation for export. For application information visit the Phytosanitary Page.

In addition, different surveys are conducted annually to ensure rapid detection of plant pests and to certify pest-free status for shipping.


Current Events


Last week the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) named 12 additional counties to the list of counties under a state and federal Imported Fire Ant (IFA) quarantine.
March 2009

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