Pesticide Applicator

The use of pesticides in Oklahoma is governed by the Pesticide Applicators Law, covering not only agricultural applications such as crop spraying and fumigating of grain bins, but also regulating the pest control industry, including the control of termites, weeds, roaches, etc. The Law states that any person who applies pesticides commercially must be certified to do so, and that any company (including one-m an operations) must be licensed for the type of work being done.

Non-commercial operations such as golf courses and government agencies must be licensed and their applicators must be certified in order to legally use restricted-use pesticides. (The term "pesticide" includes insecticides, herbicides, termiticides, rodenticides, etc).

Our work with this industry involves licensing & certification, continuing education of applicators, and investigation of complaints alleging substandard and/or fraudulent work. Including investigations of unlicensed companies and other internally-generated cases, we investigate approximately 500 such situations each year. (Based on data from 6/93-6/98)

Termite Consumer Information Fact Sheets