The main purpose of this section is to regulate the production, sale, distribution, transportation, or offering for sale of pesticides in Oklahoma. This includes registration, offering in an unadulterated form and sale or use consistent with its labeling.  This is accomplished by requiring that all pesticides marketed in Oklahoma be registered, performing marketplace inspections, producer establishment inspections, restricted use pesticide dealer audits, label inspections, and sampling.

Oklahoma is utilizing the Kelly computerized system of pesticide product registrations. Information on which pesticides (and manufacturers) are registered in Oklahoma can be accessed online through Kelly Registered Pesticides.

The common saying has it that "the devil is in the details," the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) provides a well thought out plan. This site has information on the conceptual trio of "deter, detect, and delay;" that is, "deter an unwanted event from happening; detect potential criminal or terrorist activity as early as possible; and, failing all else, delay violators as long as possible until proper authorities arrive." The first step is to identify critical assets, then work to establish layers of protection.  It lists numerous important steps and useful, pragmatic actions. Many are "soft," non-aggressive procedures such as keeping close tabs on inventory, and establishing contact with local representative of law enforcement and emergency response units.

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