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The Soil Amendment Act is closely allied with the Fertilizer Law and the Agricultural Liming Materials Act. This Act is for consumer protection. The term "Soil amendment" means any substance which is intended to improve the physical, chemical, or other characteristics of the soil, horticultural growing media, or any natural or synthetic substance applied to plants or seeds that is intended to improve crop production, germination, growth, yield, product quality, reproduction, flavor or other desirable characteristics of plants except the following: commercial fertilizers, agricultural liming materials, agricultural gypsum, un-manipulated animal manures, un-manipulated vegetable manures, and pesticides; provided, that commercial fertilizer shall be included if it is represented to contain, as an active ingredient, a substance other than a recognized plant food element or is represented as promoting plant growth by other than supplying a recognized plant food element.

All Soil Amendment products must be registered with the Department prior to being sold or distributed in the state. The registration fee is one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each product and they expire December 31 of each year. The application for registration shall include a copy of the label and a copy of all advertisements, brochures, posters and television and radio announcements to be used in promoting the sale of the product. The Soil Amendment Act also has an "Adulterated" section that states a product can not contain any deleterious or harmful agents in sufficient amount to render it injurious to beneficial plant, animal, aquatic life, soil, or water when applied in accordance with directions for use on the label.

The Department may require proof of claims made for any soil amendment product. For evidence of usefulness and value of the product, the Department may rely on experimental data, evaluations or advice supplied from such sources as the director of the agricultural experiment station. The experimental design shall be related to Oklahoma conditions for which the product is intended.

The Act gives the Department the authority to sample and test the products to determine if they are correctly labeled.