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Timely, accurate market information is required by producers, processors and others in the agri-business industry in order to make wise marketing decision. The Market Development Division's Market News section is entered into a cooperative agreement with the USDA to provide price information on all major Oklahoma agricultural commodities.

In addition to prices, supply and demand information as well as crop conditions are also regularly reported. This information is disseminated through radio and television broadcasts, state newspapers, and a weekly publication called the "Oklahoma Market Report".


Oklahoma Grain Reports

Oklahoma Livestock Auction Reports

National Reports

National Livestock and Grain Reports
Market News Phone Hotline Information

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture's Voice Messaging System offers 24 Hours a Day Market Reports Statewide. All of this information is provided free of charge to anyone who requests it. Known for its reporting accuracy and consistency, the division's Market News Service has become the official source for commodity price information for the state of Oklahoma.

Voice Messaging System:
There's a new, faster way to get up-to-date market reports anytime and anywhere. All you need is a touchtone telephone. If you are calling from within the Oklahoma City wide zone please call (405) 621-5533. After dialing the number, you can immediately get the report you want by simply pressing the access code:

Grain Press [ 2 ]
Livestock Summary Press [ 3 ]
Fed Cattle Press [ 4 ]
 Sheep and Goats ]Press 5
Hay Press [ 6 ]
Ada Livestock Auction Press [ 7 ]
Apache Livestock Auction Press [ 8 ]
McAlester Livestock Market Press [ 9 ]
Oklahoma City Livestock Market Press [ 10 ]
OKC West Livestock Market Press [ 11 ]
Tulsa Livestock Market Press [ 13 ]
Woodward Livestock Market Press [ 14 ]